What is Pomeranian Rescue?

Breed Rescue is a way to save the lost, throw-away dogs of a particular breed, in this case, Pomeranians.   We provide medical care and foster homes for these Poms and then adopt them into carefully selected new families.
American Pomeranian Club :  Learn more about Pomeranians and find other rescue groups around the country.
Other Pom Rescue Groups :
Ponderosa Pomeranian Rescue :  Look for Rescue Poms in Austin, TX. area Recycled Pomeranians :  Look for Recycled Poms in Dallas, TX. area
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American Pomeranian Club website above for many other listings
Rescued Pom Saves Life!
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Pomeranian Thought for the Week
How many Pomeranians does it take to change a light bulb?
"Crunch!  Gulp!  Smack!  That thing I just ate was a light bulb?"
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Poms Available for Adoption are listed on our Petfinder website.
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More Poms are undergoing medical treatment;
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Weekly Devotional 4
Tales from the Rainbow Bridge
Poms Before and After Rescue
Second Chance Poms, Inc.
Pomeranian Rescue in South Texas
For the adoptive homes, it is a way to get a dog that, as an adult, has outgrown bad puppy habits, has a known personality and appearance, and is probably housebroken!  Rescued Poms are generally very happy in their new homes and quickly bond to the new owners; they are grateful that someone cares.
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