These four pictures are of the same Pomeranian at different ages.
Though not completely show quality, she was a good quality Pom.
She was my first Pom, UCDX Dan Dee's Ibu Anjing UD HOF CGC TDInc.
This is Anjing at 9 1/2 weeks old.  Notice the black muzzle, and the "sabling" (overlay of black hair on top of orange).
Here Anjing is 4 months old, and in the middle of the "puppy uglies."  She has lost her baby coat and not yet gained her adult coat.  Pom puppies at this age appear to be scrawny and all legs.  Weight 4 lbs, 5 oz.
This is Anjing at 5 months old.  The adult coat is beginning to come in, and she has lost the black top hairs.  Notice that her ears have tipped over temporarily, like a Sheltie's ears.  This is not common, but it sometimes happens.
Anjing is now 9 months old, and weighs 6 pounds, 6 ounces.  She will wind up as a 7 pound adult dog.  She now has her full adult coat, with soft thick hair underneath making the longer outer hair stand out.  The ears have gone back up to their proper pricked position.

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