What do we do in Rescue?  These pictures show some of the Poms that we have taken in and how their lives have been changed by being rescued.
This is Twinkie, who came to us from a city pound.  She obviously had mange (and no-one would want her), so the person who took her into the pound put her in the back with the big dogs instead of up front where the small dogs are kept.  We weren't even sure what color she was (she's orange sable).

She did have Sarcoptic Mange (Scabies).  She also had Heartworm and was about 3 pounds underweight.
This is Twinkie (now re-named Harley) 9 months later at her new home, where she is queen of the castle.  We treated the mange, which required two dippings and isolation for 10 days.  We then brought her up to her proper weight before treating her for heartworm.  Heartworm treatment itself can kill a dog, since it consists of injections of arsenic.  But Twinkie survived, and look at her now!
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