On December 18, 2007, a large number of Poms and other breeds (total 237 dogs) was taken from a home in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Seond Chance Poms was asked to help with some of the confiscated Poms, and we were able to take 37 of them.  The Poms were extremely dirty and had multiple intestinal problems--worms and germs--as well as kennel cough and very bad teeth.
On January 5, a group of 8 volunteers drove the 200 miles to the Corpus shelter and brought our dogs back to Lake Jackson, where they were housed and cared for in the VCA Lake Jackson Animal Hospital. 
After a preliminary exam and dental work, the dogs (still on medication for worms and germs) were released to foster homes where they could learn how to live in a family setting.
For the puppies, family life meant learning to play with toys, but for many of the adults, who had to be shaved to clean them up, it mean learning that there are such things as comfortable beds to sleep on!
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UPDATE March 30, 2008:  We now have just 3 of the Corpus Poms left, but as usual, many other Poms are coming in to our program to be readied for adoption.  Please look at our Petfinder site to see the dogs now available.