A Rescuer Speaks

You break my heart, Dog of my Dreams.  I want you to be what God intended you to be, what you should be.  But somewhere between heredity and environment, between bad breeding and lack of care, something went wrong for you.  Perhaps your body is never going to be without pain.  Perhaps it's your soul that has been warped beyond the hope of mending, so that you cannot respond to the love and care that I want so much to give you.  Or perhaps it would just cost so much in time and money to fix your broken body and spirit that other, healthier, dogs would lose out and never have a chance.

So I will do what I can for you, Dog of my Dreams.  I will hold you and love you and let you go to the Rainbow Bridge.  There, I promise you, you will find the Person of your Dreams, someone who also has been hurt, troubled, and unloved.  And then together the two of you will find healing and the love and joy that have been denied you here.

Good-bye, Dog of my Dreams.

c. 2001 by Barbara McClatchey
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