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EARS:  Almost all Poms have "prick," or upright ears.  Occasionally a three to six month old puppy's ears will
droop, like those of a Sheltie.  Ears should be small, but pet-quality Poms sometimes have larger ears.

EYES:  The eyes should be dark, medium-size, and almond shaped, set well into the skull.  Rescue Poms frequently have larger or smaller eyes, round eyes, or protruding eyes like those of a Pekingese.

MUZZLE:  A show Pom's muzzle should be rather short with a high-appearing forehead, but pet-quality Poms generally have long muzzles.  Many prospective owners actually prefer and ask for this "foxy" look.  (Which is why so many Poms are named "Foxy.")

TEETH:  Like other Toy breeds, Pomeranians sometimes retain their baby teeth.  They need to be pulled at about 7 months; if they are not, the permanent teeth will be crooked and subject to problems later.  Poms frequently lose their teeth early, especially if they are not cleaned regularly.  Vets often misjudge the age of a Pom based on excessive accumulation of tartar (normal without proper care) or because of missing teeth.

TAIL:  Poms carry their tails straight over their backs.  Some pet-quality Poms have a low tail-set, which causes them to carry it lower part of the time, and some have a kink in the end of the tail, like that of a pig.

PERSONALITY:  Pomeranians normally have a friendly, out-going personality.  It generally takes very poor breeding and/or an extremely abusive situation to cause them to be aggressive, but it can happen.  Poms, even older ones, generally re-home and bond to
new owners very easily.  They are people-oriented by nature.

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