Some of my many hats (the doggy ones):
Pom-Pom the Clown
United Kennel Club Obedience Judge
Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America Obedience Judge
Rally judge
Obedience and Rally Instructor
Columnist for
Front and Finish, the Dog Trainer's News
Performance Columnist for
The Pomeranian Review
We also do U.K.C. and A.K.C. Obedience competition and A.K.C. Rally competition.
The Poms and I do Pet-assisted Therapy in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as visiting schools, libraries, and senior centers.
Second Chance Poms Home Page
I'm Barbara McClatchey; I founded Second Chance Poms, Inc., to help Poms in need, especially in South Texas.  It is very rewarding to get a frightened, hurt little dog and turn him or her into a happy, healthy "perfect dog" for that special someone.  But I do other things as well.
Oliver Twist
To read about each dog, click on a link below the picture.
A new Pom has recently entered my life, "Tessie," whose registered name is "Janesa's Wrinkle in Time."  To see her picture, click here.
At the Rainbow Bridge: