"Pearls," as she is now known, came to me as an 8-year-old, whose family turned her in for euthanasia because their small son didn't get along with her.  Her name at the time was "Kitty."  In order to prevent confusion at the vet's office ("Your cat is due for her Rabies vaccination," I was told once about a Rescue named "Pussycat"), I renamed her "Second Chance Pretty Girl."  She was badly flea-infested, but otherwise healthy.  Her new owner, Sue Miller, wrote that she had changed the name to "Pearls":
"I think it helped that I combined it with "girl," i.e., "Pearly Girl" at first, and today have switched to just "Pearls."  Of course, she has full run of the house, so she is happy.  She now knows that it is fine for her to jump on my bed, my couch, my chair, anything at all--talk about "spoiled."  Oh, well, I figure she has earned it.  I know I have earned the right to spoil her!  She follows me everywhere, and last night we sat in a chair and watched a movie.
She is very smart, very loyal to me, and obedient.  She is my very dear friend and is loved."
Pretty Girl when she first came to me.
Pearls in her new home.

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