Several questions arise when prospective adoptors are told that all Rescues are spayed (female) or neutered (male) before placement.  I strongly recommend that all animals in your home be altered for many reasons, including health.

And yes, my own dogs are spayed and neutered.  Among other things, it helps to keep them on an even keel emotionally, helps with housebreaking the males, and makes them more attentive and loving toward their owners. 

There are seldom any good medical reasons not to spay or neuter.  Valid reasons not to do so are really only two:  breeding (and you really must know what you are doing genetically to improve the breed) and showing in conformation (the "beauty contest").

Please do not breed just so that you can offer other people a dog just like yours--did you ever consider how seldom children turn out "just like" their parents?  And don't breed to make money--if you do all the right things, you will probably lose money.  Think about where those dogs and their offspring will end up.  Many of them will be in Rescue, or will have to be turned down because Rescue is full.  What happens to them then?  Believe me, it isn't pretty.  Before you decide to breed, spend a month volunteering at your local shelter.
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