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Second Chance Sweet Thing came to us from a puppy mill closure.  This lovely little dog was being used as a puppy-making machine, churning out puppies with little attention to her health.  Like most puppy mill dogs, she had an intestinal tract full of worms; unlike most, she was otherwise healthy, though pregnant.  After giving birth and raising her puppies, Sweetie was spayed and placed in a new home.

Sweetie's name tells her personality, and her picture confirms it.  She has captured the heart not only of her new owner, Gladys (pictured), but also of Gladys' husband Tom, who was not a dog lover until Sweetie came into his life.  Now he carries Sweetie everywhere, and doesn't like it if voices are raised around her.  She also sleeps on his bed with him.  Gladys' daughter says, "Everywhere my parents go, people talk about how pretty Sweetie is, with the unfortunate result of her becoming rather conceited.  Her sweet quiet dominance has made her a well-loved, spoiled dog, and she spoils her owners in return."

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