Karon Gresham, Gresham Carpet Mill Outlet, Richwood, TX
for carpet samples to help with housebreaking
To help with puppy housebreaking, place a piece of carpet just outside the crate.  When he goes away from the "nest" to use the newspaper, his feet will cross the carpet, and he will learn that carpet is part of the nest, and therefore not for toileting.

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  The Pomeranian Club of Greater Houston for donations toward medical expenses and for individual members who help with Rescue as needed
** Foster parents who give of their time and love and sometimes to the detriment of their carpets to care for and train the Rescued Poms.
**Transportation helpers who drive Rescued dogs to foster care and to new homes.
**Home visitors who visit prospective adoptive homes to help with decisions about placement.
The Hewlett-Packard Company for providing matching donations through their HP Employee Charitable Giving Program.