"Now how did that toy get around my neck???"

Foxy came to us from a puppy mill, where she was being used to produce puppies every time she came in season.  She had not been socialized with people, and was shy, and especially fearful of men.  Now, however, here is what her new owner says about her:

When I first laid eyes on Foxy, it was love at first sight!  She looks like a miniature "red fox."  She was initially very shy, barking at my husband every time she felt he was getting too close.  But today they are the best of friends!  He plays fetch with her and they have "sock tug-of-wars" almost every night.  Her new "big sister" Pumpkin (our 9-year-old Cockapoo) and Foxy play tirelessly outside with each other every day.  She is definitely still "Momma's Girl" as she follows me from room to room when I am doing housework, and will sleep on my feet if I sit down (I guess she figures I'll wake her up if I stand).  I have recommended a Pom rescue to several of my friends now.  Yes, they are sometimes older dogs (Foxy is 4 years old), but don't let that stand in the way of the hours of fun and amazement they can bring into your life!  I wouldn't trade Foxy for anything, and she will never need to look for another home!

"Come on, Pumpkin, let's play!"
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